IATF 16949

Our Excellence

Sealed Quench Furnaces (SQF)

Suitable for Gas Carburizing, Carbo-Nitriding, Hardening Tempering with Automatic Atmosphere Control ( Carbon Potential) and Hot Oil quenching facility. Complete setup consists of Pre-Heating, Carburising Furnaces (02 Nos) with hot quenching oil, Hot Water Alkaline Washing Unit, Tempering Furnace.

  • Each Furnace capacity is 1200 kgs Gross Wt. for one Lot.
  • Case Depth from 0.5mm to 2.00mm can be achieved effectively.

Induction Hardening Machines

Medium and High Frequency Induction Hardening Machines are available for Induction Hardening to the depth of 1.0mm to 12.00mm case depth.

Products like Rear Axles,Dead Axles, Rock Shafts, PTO Shafts, Shifter Forks,Transmission Shafts,Pinion Shafts,Drive Shafts and Wheel Hubs.

Normalising, Iso-Thermal Annealing and Hardening Tempering Furnace

Continuous Gas Fired Furnace suitable for Normaling , Isothermal Annealing and Hardening Tempering Furnace of Forgings suitable for Auto and Tractor Components made from Alloy Steels.

Furnace capacity with output of 1200 kgs per hr.